Thursday, July 18, 2019

'Tis devoutly to be wished

Daddy Bear has a proposal to relocate government agencies closer to where their mission is:
So, taking a cue from the “You don’t want to do it my way? Really? Then we can get crazy!” school of leadership, here are my proposals for where to put several federal agencies that makes more sense than Gehenna on the Potomac.
  1. Army Corps of Engineers – 9th Ward, New Orleans. Maybe we’ll finally have to stop worrying about those damned flood walls failing every time it sprinkles.
  2. Department of the Air Force – Minot, North Dakota, because only the best go north.
Sing it, brother.

I'd add USDA moved to the Nebraska corn fields, Energy moved to the Permian Basin (or maybe Tulsa), and Transportation to Atlanta (home of both the world's busiest airport and the east coast's worst traffic).


Jerry said...

Here's a couple relocation prospects. There's a Hell, Michigan and a Gahanna, Ohio.

Old NFO said...

LOL, don't disagree at all!

ASM826 said...

Border patrol to the , umm, border?