Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The legal aftermath of a self defense situation

So you used your heater - and didn't even pull the trigger - in a self defense situation.  Now what?

A lawyer and shooter explains what happens next.  It doesn't sound fun, but there are things you can do (starting now) to make it less unpleasant.  Proper prior planning prevents poor performance, and all that.

In other news from the useful, Zach shows how to comply with state laws when you travel with firearms.


Lawrence Person said...

Those with an interest in the subject may want to look up Massad Ayoob's interview with John Duab following his self defense shooting of a home invader.

Richard said...

I have wondered about the bail thing. I have enough money to make bail in any non-ridiculous amount but I don't carry it around with me. Don't really want to pay the bail bondsman fee and don't need to. But if the jail people don't let me access my money and don't take credit cards, how does this work?