Monday, July 15, 2019

What do you do with empty beer cans?

Silicon Graybeard shows you how to melt them down and cast them into an AR lower.  So you've got alcohol and firearms - the only way you could make this better is by lighting the smelter flame with a cigar.  'Murica!


libertyman said...

Well, if you add up the hours of work, that is not a productive use of time at all. A crisp $50.00 bill will get you a finished lower, and you can buy every single other part through the mail. Yes, you fill out a form as you would with any firearm, so not a secret to Uncle Sam.

But if your goal is to make something from scrap beer cans, then okay, let's make a video. Maybe that was the purpose. It will scare the gun grabbers as there is no stopping people from making guns.

Maybe that's the real purpose of this video, it was a lot of time and money in a home machine shop to save fifty bucks.

Rick C said...

Libertyman, people do this for the same reason they build fully-functional 8-bit computers out of TTL--because they can.