Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Government is the things we choose to do together

Elderly women sentenced to jail for feeding stray cats:
CLEVELAND (KDKA) — An elderly woman in Ohio has been sentenced to jail time for feeding stray cats.
Nancy Segula, 79, lives in Garfield Heights, Ohio, which is near Cleveland.
It’s illegal to feed stray cats in Garfield Heights.
“I would always feed them and take care of them because I was worried about them and I’m a cat lover. And then, once my neighbors around here started being unhappy about it, then they called the animal warden,” Segula told WJW.
Police say after several warnings, Segula continues to feed the animals.
A judge has now sentenced her to 10 days in the Cuyahoga County jail.

Maybe someone should ask Bernie and the other Dems about this.


Unknown said...

1. "It’s illegal to feed stray cats in Garfield Heights."

GARFIELD Heights? Really? It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

2. As a Libertarian, I'm opposed to jailing old ladies for feeding stray cats on principle. As someone who is violently allergic to cats, I am tempted to compromise my principle.

3. Has anybody contacted Brian Setzer to see if he'd pitch in for her legal defense fund?

4. As long as we're talking about animals, can we all support giving this guy the death penalty?

(Seriously, dude: a puppy?)


roadgeek said...

Really? Ignored multiple warnings? Continued to feed cats both in and out of heat? Cats that urinate and defecate all over the neighbors yards? That make enough noise to wake the dead while having sex? That decimate the local bird population? Those cats?

What else were the authorities supposed to do when multiple warnings don't work? I hold no brief for the police or the judicial system in this country, but I'm not seeing the problem here. Sometimes the needs of the many really do outweigh the needs of the one.

I speak as a homeowner who has had to deal with the feral cat issue for years. Cat urine stinks. Cat shit stinks. And feed one cat on Tuesday and you'll be feeding four on Thursday and ten the next Monday. The City of Austin won't let me shoot them. They have to be trapped. Dealing with cats is tedious and irritation beyond belief. Now you're defending someone who aids and abets feral cats? Your understanding of this matter is limited, and I suspect some of your reaction was anger in seeing an elderly woman arrested for feeding cats. On my street, the neighbors would cheer if the po-po arrested someone who fed stray cats.

Alan said...

Why didn't they just arrests the cats? That would have been a better solution to the problem. I don't like cats but I don't like seeing any animal starve to death either. I agree with what "roadgeek" says above, feral cats are a nuisance, and arresting this woman did nothing to solve that problem.

Aesop said...

Screw her.
She needs to do the whole 10 days, in general pop, and then get sued for all her neighbors' property and compensatory damages for cat crap and cat urine. If it forces her out of her home and the neighborhood, so much the better.

And I say that owning cats my entire life.

Feeding the feral ones isn't helping anything, it's just salving her special snowflake conscience for thinking she's sticking it to The Man.

Government is the things we choose to do together.
Doing time is what you get to do when you can't go along with that program.
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

If her neighbors hurled all the urine-soaked soil and feces left on their yards onto her porch, along with scorching her car with the same byproducts left on their vehicles, she'd be screaming bloody murder.

If she was feeding feral rodents and pet cockroaches, no one would bat an eye at her treatment, and in fact would be carping for throwing her in prison for maintaining a public health hazard.

If she wants to move to unincorporated countryside, where she alone will bear the brunt of the animals' impact, the open road beckons, and her old neighbors' benediction at her departure will be, inevitably, "DLTDHYITAOYWO!"

Ted said...

Bernie's answer, of course, would be a massive program to house and feed all those poor unfortunate homeless cats who contribute so much to our society by controlling the rodent population.

I hear that there is a need for more cats in Baltimore.

Glen Filthie said...

Hell’s bells! What’s wrong with you flimps? Are you men, or crazy old women yourselves???

Girls - you are descended from apes. KILLER apes. Apes throw shit - and cat turd makes excellent ammunition! Why, if the cat gods blessed me with the ammo and the opportunity I’d wind up like a major leaguer and fire one at Aesop with all the pepper I could put on it! HAR HAR HAR! Then I’d run like mad!

Hmmmmm. Cat chit might be light enough to lift with one of my hobby Drones Of Death... I’d love to drop a load on Pete over at the Bayou too... I’d need a candy dropper from Hobby King, a servo on a separate channel... an adequate bomb sight would be the stumper though....

Errr... what are we talking about, again? What’s the issue here, again...?

Murphy(AZ) said...


Translation please!

ASM826 said...

Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On Your Way Out !

Will said...


I've been told that smacking the offending cats in the haunch with a BB or pellet tends to motivate them to seek some place that is less painful to hang out in. Also, you can now own an airgun with a sound suppressor that is permanently attached to the barrel. This is useful to avoid attracting the wrong attention.

You don't want to have the projectile penetrate the cat, just bruise it, so limit the velocity, and lean more toward the use of flat or blunt tip pellets. BB's can be picked up with a magnet on a stick, if you think you need to sterilize the Area of Operation.