Monday, July 15, 2019

Art is as Art does

The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum has, as you would expect, one of the best collections of Rembrandt paintings in the world.  Among this collection is "The Night Watch" which has to be Rembrandt's most famous work.  Restoration work on the painting has begun, but with a twist:
The Rijksmuseum has started Operation Night Watch, a project to evaluate and eventually restore Rembrandt's painting The Night Watch. Rather than remove the painting to a lab for the process, a glass enclosure has been built around the painting and the process will the viewable by the public. The Operation Night Watch website also has numerous videos detailing the work.
I recall going to that Museum with the baby #2 Son.  For some reason, the paintings freaked him out and he started screaming - so much so that I had to take him out of the room.  I never did get back to see all the Rembrandts.

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Old NFO said...

That is an amazing painting!