Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Worst. Nazis. Ever.

Last month, the Border Patrol fished a 13 year old out of the Rio Grande.  The kid was non-responsive, but they revived him, saving his life.

It would be nice if the biased media published this.  Maybe it would shut up some of those commie bastards who are always running their traps about how we have concentration camps and all that malarky.


LSP said...

Such total, utter, literal Nazis.

Ted said...

If they were to publish anything it would be how the poor immigrant had been forced to cross the obviously polluted river when he could barely swim, and how the Border Patrol had taken their time to rescue him and now he may have brain damage due to thier efforts to revive him. etc. etc.

No mention of course of who's idea it was to get into the river in first place.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

It's a dangerous place. I canoed there in '93. The ropes, river shoes, and other things that touched the river made the equipment all smell like a sewage treatment plant. Somebody on the top of the south side of Santa Elena canyon chucked a boulder into the river, and came darn close to a couple of our canoes. Came down with Hantavirus after I was home, and that is a life changing disease. Don't much care for the border.

McChuck said...

Doesn't matter. The leftstream media still won't say anything nice about them.