Saturday, July 25, 2009

Give 'til it hurts

Ready to head out to the Goodwill store? Better go over the checklist of items to drop off:

Clothes the kids have outgrown? Check.

Ugly Father's Day neckties? Check.

Claymore landmine? Check.
A land mine recently left at a thrift store was authentic -- but luckily inert.


A Goodwill employee familiar with military explosive devices found the land mine. An area strip mall was evacuated and a bomb squad called in.
I blame the Gun Show Loophole. We clearly need some "Common Sense" Landmine Control laws.


Paladin said...

Why don't they ever have anything good when I visit the Goodwill store?... it's not fair.

I thought about getting one of these for my truck, at one point. Beats the nasty looking bull scrotums that you see around here on occasion :)

Borepatch said...

Paladin wins the Internets! That is simply made of awesome. But I'll guarantee that Massachusetts is also one of the places it's illegal.

Anonymous said...

Play more with claymore! (I saw that on a poster in a surplus store.)

Even if it was a real one, without an initiator it is simply a wad of flammable waxy stuff and some ball bearings.


Borepatch said...

Play more with claymore!


Reflectoscope, here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, it is more than just a flammable waxy hunk with ball bearings. It's a flammable waxy hunk with ball bearings that will get you pulled over by Officer Friendly, releatedly.


ASM826 said...

Everywhere in the US of A you will find Mr. Claymore to be a big no-no.

Unless it is inert, which makes it a curiosity, not a claymore.

Like this little item, a claymore replica that plugs into your trailer hitch:

Real claymore = bad ju-ju
Plastic claymore case = $50.00 hitch cover