Thursday, July 30, 2009

Science, explained

The Czar of Muscovy is a deeply insightful man. Not because he linked here (OK, that doesn't hurt), but because he explains how science really, really works:
Do scientists hold back on releasing data? You bet, just as Dr. Shiller did. And the reason he did was not because he feared a visit from the Men in Black Labcoats, but because he wasn’t 100% clear he had the data to support his suspicion. Good science can be triggered by a hunch, but it can never be supported by one: there must be evidence. And many scientists withdraw or redact their pet hypotheses if the data isn’t checking out. Peer review happens, and if you aren’t perfectly sure your data supports your claim, you’re sunk. This is what is happening with Global Warming right now: scientists have reviewed a lot of the data and declared it junk or flawed. Now they want to see the rest of it, and it is “disappearing.”
There's a lot of Junk Science to be found, especially when you look at the Global Warming scene. Some scientists are on the gravy train, and some are publicity hounds. But the scientific community in general is working more or less the way it always does.

Not sure what he does for a living, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he were a scientist, or was trained as one. RTWT.

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The Czar of Muscovy said...

Thanks for the critique. Your own persistence on presenting the facts behind global warming are inspiring and in this environment, brave. I appreciate that you would be more than willing to concede the point if, indeed, anyone could present hard data proving AGW is a demonstrable phenomenon.

The Czar has many interests, science being one of them. I do not wear a lab coat, but let's face it: isn't everyone with a three-digit IQ a scientist, whether they know it or not?

Best regards, and keep up the great work!