Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lost and found

Paladin has a great post about family, and searching for the lost family cemetary:
At some point, the headstones were uprooted and the gravesites were plowed over and put in cultivation. The headstones were hauled off into the woods and dumped. The story of the misplaced headstones drifted around our family for many years and had almost died out by the time I learned of it. Nobody seemed to know exactly where the headstones had ended up. At that time my Grandmother was still living in Louisiana, not far from the area where all this took place so many years ago. We went for a visit around the holidays every year, and I decided to take the opportunity to do a little snooping around.
That's all I'll quote, because you need to read the whole thing. We carry our history with us every day. Sometimes it's a burden, but sometimes - as Paladin shows - it's a triumph.

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