Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So much for that Fillibuster-proof majority

It's perfect for passing controversial, progressive legislation like a day honoring mothers, puppies, and sunny vacation days down at the swimming hole:
I am perhaps too fond of rational actor models, as I am constantly assured by angry commenters, but I assume that the reason Democrats can't get the votes for cloture is that many of their members do not want to vote at all--they come from states sufficiently finely balanced that voting either yes or no on things like healthcare could be their undoing. Moreover, I assume the reason the Democrats have not put the arm on their members is that they believe that doing so would result in the loss of their 60-vote majority in 2010. Even further, I believe that the Senate leadership is probably much better at assessing this particular risk than I am.
A real Profiles in Courage moment, right there.

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