Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quote of the Day

From Billy Ockham, words of advice for Wingnuts:
But it's oversight, not 'over site'. It's martial law, not 'marshall law'. Rouge agents are people who sell make up. What you want to say is 'rogue agents'. And we did not 'loose' the Vietnam War. No one loosed the Vietnam War. We did lose it.

Your theories about black helicopters become ever so much more plausible when spelled correctly. AND NO ONE WAS EVER CONVINCED BY A RANT IN ALL CAPS.
I'd add that it's good advice for Moonbats, too. In fact, whenever I run across an "argument" like this, I usually find that my give-a-damn is tragically busted. It's a cryin' shame. Really.


ASM826 said...


If you fail to agree with me, I will be forced to start making my point in bold.

Anonymous said...

I do hope I don't need to "emphasize" my point.