Sunday, July 12, 2009


Life's will to continue is basic. Even when it's not easy.

Don't give up, 'cause you have friends
Don't give up, 'cause you're not the only one

Don't give up - no reason to be ashamed

Don't give up, you still have us

Don't give up now, we're proud of who you are

Don't give up, you know it's never been easy

Don't give up, 'cause I believe there's a place

There's a place where we belong


Paladin said...

Hey... we don't really know each other, beyond what I read on your blog. But whatever's going on, hang in there. I'll think good thoughts for you and yours.

"Zack" said...

I'll be hanging some prayers in the air for you and your loved ones.

Borepatch said...

Paladin and James, thanks. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

Carteach said...

Understood. Been there, where most people haven't nor ever should be.

Thoughts are with ya.

Jay G said...

You know the number to call if you need to talk, right?

Or we could just make plans to fling some lead. That's always good...