Friday, July 10, 2009

All Linky, no thinkie

I blame Albert, who asked:
After this weekend's cyber-attack, and the holes you pointed out (again) in IE and microsoft, I was wondering if you would mind doing a guest post on Linux and security. Maybe with some recommendations on how to do it the easy way, if such a thing exists.
That there's wavin' a red cape at a bull, and I've gone down a security rabbit hole. A big one, that's going to take the weekend - and several posts - to dig out from.

While I'm in my labor of love, don't miss these posts.

From The Gormogons is the exchange you won't hear at Congressional hearings about government healthcare:
'Puter knows it's not fair to put you on the spot like this Sen. Dodd. How can you value the life of a friend or a family member? You can't just reduce him to a fixed dollar amount. But that's exactly what your reforms will do to the friends and family members of millions of Americans, Senator. Your reforms will require bureaucrats to make a determination of the value of someone's mother's life. Or someone's child's life. Or, maybe even Sen. Kennedy's life. And then determine if that human being is worth enough to deserve the treatment he requests. If not, that American will not receive needed medical treatment, and may die.
'Puter, a grateful nation sends its thanks.

TJIC finds teh Stupid in Cambridge (not hard, admittedly). He manages to avoid gouging his ears out:

First was an individual who had paid for his daughter to get an undergrad and a master’s degree in … wait for it … human resources. She’s currently waiting tables. He is offended by the universe, because “after all that education…”

I’m sure that there was a lot of classroom time, but I doubt that there was any education at all.

His proposed solution is that she should go back to college for another year.

There's more - so much more.

Shy Wolf has the right handgun for the folks TJIC found. If we could get them past their - ahem - irrational fear of firearms, the average intelligence of Massachusetts would rise. Measurably.

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