Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some folks are fixin' to be disappointed

It seems that search.cnn.com has made me the top result for "erin andrews nude pix". Oh, boy. Google, too.

My blog is sadly - tragically, even - nude free. Not that we don't appreciate the fairer sex, of course. Particularly when well armed.

And let me repeat what I said in the post that seems to be CNN flypaper:
So if you absolutely must chase smut, don't use Internet Explorer, don't click through to any "security" sites you see advertised at the smut shop, and don't download any helpful "security" programs from the smutters.

I kind of think that this all goes without saying, but a million pwned computers in the global botnet zombiepocalypse army would tell me that I'd be wrong.
No extra charge - it's all part of the service.

But it's given me a great new tag name ...

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