Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gallery of Unfortunately Cool Handguns

Or Cooly Unfortunate handguns. James Rummel has 'em. Like the revolver built around a shotgun:
LeMat's genius was realizing that the cylinder that held the loaded rounds, ready to be fired, revolved around a pin or axle of some kind. Why not make that axle really, really big? So big that it could be fashioned out of a cut down 16 gauge shotgun barrel.
Or the double barreled revolver:
The firepower part was achieved through the use of two barrels, two levels of cartridge chambers, and a hammer with two firing pins. Put them all together and you had revolver that would fire twenty times before running dry! Pretty darn impressive.
Plus a brass knuckles revolver, a stinky french cigarette autoloader, and the world's smallest handgun. I posted on that last one, too, but James has a whole smorgasbord set out for you here.

Hat tip: Don, although I really should be following James' site every day.

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