Monday, May 5, 2014

You see, this is why we can't have nice things on the Internet

It seems like it's more common than you think.  Fortunately, you can download something onto your computer to deal with it.

Jesus wept.


Jennifer said...

What?!? I don't even...

drjim said...

*EVERYBODY* I know who has ever downloaded those "Fix My PC" applications has had nothing but problems with them.

And some of them are damn hard to get rid of.....

Goober said...


that's because the "fix my PC" programs on the internet are all malware. All of them.

Don't download "fix my PC" programs.

If somebody does, then might I suggest you go to Malwarebytes and download their "fix my PC" program for free?


Oh, okay, I guess all of them aren't bad. Malwarebytes is absolutely legit, and works like a champ.

drjim said...

I've known that since "forever".
Just saying that other people I know who were unfortunate enough to "try" one wound up paying some serious coin to get rid of it.

Malwarebytes is something I install on every Windoze machine I put together, or repair for others.