Sunday, May 11, 2014

Leopold Mozart - Toy Symphony

Mozart Pere, via Der Wik
Traditional familial themes are de regeur for Mother's Day, but are surprisingly hard to find in Classical Music.  Perhaps art has always been hostile to traditional themes, even when it was patronized bu aristocrats.  That would be a depressing thought indeed, especially for Mother's Day.

Fortunately, we have a Mozart piece to restore our hope (as embodied in the concept of motherhood) for future generations.  It's not from the Mozart, nor from his mother (of whom I know precisely nothing), but it is from his father.  And it's playful - written for symphony accompanied by toys, ratchet, nightingale, and cuckoo.  Somehow, this made me think on all mothers who found themselves dealing with toddlers all day and hoping for some sort of adult diversion.  And of me watching all that. 

A very happy Mother's Day wish to all mothers, and to everyone who had a mother.  Here's a performance that covers you and your children both.
May the day remind you of the silly but unforgettable moments your shared those many years ago.  And if you are lucky enough to be experiencing those days today, then I envy you.  May the day be a delight, and a source of memories for years to come.

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libertyman said...

Until today, I didn't know Mozart's dad was a composer as well. I guess I just never gave it a thought.

As always, an educational Sunday morning here a Borepatch U.

A lively and playful tune, many thanks for doing this.