Friday, May 16, 2014

Austin Blogmeet next week

Date: Wednesday, May 21

Time: 6:00

Location: Oasis on Lake Travis.  It seems that Uncle Billy's BBQ and Brew Pub (my favorite haunt there) has closed.  But the view from Oasis is the same.

Please leave a comment if you are going to come, and I'll call ahead and make sure that we have a table big enough for the group.


That Guy said...

I'm in!

Lawrence Person said...

I'll attend but I'll almost certainly be late. I have to work and it's a bit of a drive out there.

kx59 said...

Well crud.
You hit dead center in my off week, otherwise I might be able to make this.
I'll be in Austin the week following. I'm still working on the project I started shortly before you left FOB Borepatch.
If you happen to roll past 3rd & Colorado, you can see what keeps me up at nights.

Cap'n Jan said...

Dennis and I will be there for certain and, with hope (and traffic permitting) on time!

Look forward to meeting you after all these years!

Fair Wind and Following Seas,

Cap'n Jan
Who will be wearing a 'pink' camo gimme cap

Unknown said...

I'm in, too, and looking forward to it.

Do you think you're going to have time to get more rub from Rudy's, or should I grab some for you?


Borepatch said...

Dwight, I'll stock up, thanks.