Thursday, May 29, 2014


This was the motto of the 501 Parachute Infantry, from an old Cherokee word meaning "we stand alone together".  The soldiers of the 501st would help each other when they stumbled, running up the mountain at Camp Toccoa.  Three miles up, and three miles down.  None were ever as strong as all were. 

Someone close to me asked why I was fascinated with the science of bones. I didn't answer him at the time, but I will now. I have studied bones untouched by anything but time. I have studied bones in fragments, co mingled with hundreds of others, burned and broken and laid bare to the elements. Still, I am always fascinated by the strength of that which is unfleshed. They are what lies at the center of us, not the heart, but that part of us that is the last thing to ever be dissolved, even if cut or disassembled or burned. It is the hardest, strongest most unwavering part of us, that which supports us, the last piece of us that remains of this earth, when everything else is lost. It's the surviving remnant of all that was dear to us.
My Brother-From-Another-Mother* ASM826 asked:
And did this revelation still your Muse?
No.  It seems to have summoned her, when my steps faltered and looked to fail.  We are surrounded by more than we can see.  Indeed, this has been known for millennia: the non-canonical (and very possibly heretical) Gospel of Thomas spoke of this 2000 years ago:
The Kingdom of the Father is spread upon the Earth, and men do not see it.
Brigid, you are my Sister-From-Another-Mother, but we've had that conversation before.   Thank you for this timely gift, and thanks to B-F-A-M ASM826, and 2cents, and all the rest.  None of us are as strong as all of us.  Thank you for letting me know that we don't stand alone.  We stand alone together. 

* 2cents is my oldest B-F-A-M.  He also pinged me, as did several of you.  Thank you all.


Old NFO said...

We all seem to be thinking along the same lines lately...

Home on the Range said...

It's an honor to be your friend. We do not stand alone

Midwest Chick said...

We stand together! :-)