Thursday, May 8, 2014

Someone needs to be fired

Maybe prosecuted.


TinCan Assassin said...

Got a call from the VA. They asked what medical issues I have. I'm on the waiting list.

I love you all. Remember, everyone must wear clown shoes to my funeral.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I am not seeing the outrage. The VA has been infamous for incompetence, mismanagement, and indifference forever. During the Obamacare debate the Republicans should have just pointed to the VA and said, "that is what you are getting". Why is everyone pretending this is a new thing?

Rick C said...

Incompetence, mismanagement, and indifference are one thing. Actively shunting people to secret wait lists so they don't make your reports look bad (because apparently not meeting your management metrics is apparently worse then letting people die) and letting a bunch of them die is somewhat of a different matter. (Yeah, I didn't mean to essentially write the same phrase twice in a row, that's just how it came out.)

Anonymous said...

Rick. It isn't different at all. It is exactly the same thing. Incompetence, mismanagement and indifference is exactly why you do all those other things and the result is predictable and expected. Nothing new here. Nothing at all. Veterans have been dying for decades because of "managed care" provided by the US Govt.

There is an old trick in military hospitals to make the waiting time less. make the waiting rooms smaller. Thus, people see the crowd ahead of them and don't wait. Thus the statistic of average wait time doesn't count the ones who left early without being seen.