Friday, May 9, 2014

Recording your sexcapades is seemingly easy

This is not my usual cup of tea, but it seems so, so easy:
"If it's possible to have sex in a feminist way, it's possible to record it in a feminist way," says Pandora Blake, a 29-year-old London-based sex worker, pornographer and porn performer.
Wait, what?  This is the taxpayer supported BBC?

Well, yes.  And so to my (younger) gentleman readers, you can get all the (BBC-approved) female attention you need if you just give up your manhood and support the "feminist way".  Because chicks are said to dig that (well, the BBC says that, and they're about as, err, feminist* as they come).  Besides, it seems easy to record your, err, workout.

No doubt that my (unmarried) lady readers will await this new crop of feminized men with baited breath.  Because men who want "feminist sex" are manly men.**

* Ahem. I was going to use a different word but Brendan Eich told me to shut my pie hole.  I'm sure glad we've evolved to the stage where people aren't burnt at the stake because of their ideology.

** So much for any career advancement hopes I had ...


Unknown said...

It's obviously too early yet. Every one of the punchlines that occurred to me was too vulgar to post.

Old NFO said...

Gonna pass on this one too... :-0

Dave H said...

Toronto. Why am I not surprised? They've managed to turn "don't ask, don't tell" into "Oh, don't mind us. You just go right ahead with what you were doing."

Rick C said...

The kind of female that would await men with baited breath (as opposed to bated breath) are probably just what you would imagine...or look a lot like the women in that article.