Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Remember nostalgia?

I remember when it was possible to state your opinion without being said to be a jerk.

OK, then.  Duly noted.


Eagle said...

Depends on the opinion. Some people are just plain jerks.

I remember when it was possible to state a benign opinion and not find yourself held up in the public square as someone to be reviled, ostracized from society, and banned from public activity.

And as a recent photo meme put it, "A child uses profanity and swears in school and nobody bats an eye. A child says a prayer in school and panic ensues."

Phil said...

I've been told I'm an asshole so many times that I have begun to believe it so if someone tells me I'm a jerk then I tell them they are mistaken.

Fuck 'em all.

I think maybe it's because I am getting old and cranky but my tolerance for bullshit has reached historic lows.

Goober said...

Yeah, I don't know. I've always thought that people got called a jerk if their opinion was jerky.

The problem is that there is a growing climate where all opinions other than the ONE APPROVED opinion are considered such.

Men are losing their jobs because of political donations.

Seriously? THis is better than the much-maligned McCarthyism how, exactly?

Angus McThag said...

It's not so much that we're suddenly being called jerks than we are now called jerks someplace where we're aware we'd been so called.