Thursday, May 1, 2014


Work has been crazy busy with this Heartbleed security problem.  It's been busy at home as well, albeit (and fortunately) not like it was a few weeks back.

But I completely borked today's scheduled posts - the timing was simply whacked.  That's what can happen after you wrap up a conference call at 21:30 during a couple of long weeks.

As an apology to my loyal readers, all posts today will be free of charge.  Hopefully tomorrow will be saner.  Now it's beer o'clock.


covertress said...

I tried, but beer could not get me out of my mess.

Damn Universal lessons!

Just kidding, Universe! You know I love ya!

Anonymous said...

I went with whiskey and tonic. Cheap whiskey and cheap tonic. This is what happens when you go to work before 6:00 and when you get home 11 hours later you start digging a 7ft diameter hole with a shovel and a spud bar.