Thursday, May 15, 2014

Captain Obvious clearly isn't a Poll Watcher

Estonian e-voting system is hackable and shouldn't be used:
Estonia's internet voting system should not be used for the European elections in May because its security vulnerabilities could lead to faked votes or totals, say independent researchers.


As one of the highest-profile countries in its adoption of the internet, Estonia intends to use the e-voting system for its European elections in May, and already uses it for national parliamentary and municipal elections. Up to a quarter of votes are cast online in elections.

The attacks could be carried out by nation states that wanted to compromise elections, or a well-funded candidate who hired criminal hackers with the capabilities to alter the vote, the researchers warned.
This is such an astonishingly bad idea that the only explanation is that the Establishment wants this to prevent Tea Party style voter revolts.  While that sounds like it's tin foil hat territory, nobody who put any thought into this would fail to ask "So what about security" as the very first question.

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