Monday, November 25, 2013

Scenes from vacation

Bike and Boddington's.

Chilly today.

In a way it reminds me of skiing. Boots and gloves are the first to get cold. Still, there's a certain satisfaction (dare I say smugness?) in being the only bike on the road.

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R.K. Brumbelow said...

Ugg it's going to be cold this week. I guess I need to break out a heater.

Dave H said...

Someone at my last job rode a motorcycle to work year round, even in our Rochester winters. The only time I didn't see his bike in the parking lot was on days when it was actively snowing. (Cold wasn't the issue, traction was.) He had an electric jumpsuit and face shield to help stay warm. I wouldn't think a Triumph would make enough extra juice to run them, but apparently his did.

I don't have that kind of stamina. 38F is the coldest I've ever rode, and that was under duress. I had to take delivery of the bike before the end of March to get the discount.

Borepatch said...

Yeah, it was kind of chilly. No electrical jumpsuit for me.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Oh when I was a daily rider I did not use a heated suit even in the coldest times.

I meant it is time to break out the heater in my apartment. We share the same weather (amazing how 35 miles doesn't change much) but we tend to be cooler by a few degrees because of our 'mountain' proximity (though interestingly Roswell is at a higher altitude)

Dan said...

It better not snow Wednesday. I'm driving home Wednesday. It better not snow Wednesday (at least in Fayetteville!).

kx59 said...

I keep hearing that the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cold winter this year.