Saturday, November 9, 2013

A pack, not a herd

The news report of the kidnapped woman rescued by her family is a masterful piece of understatement:
Arceneaux's cousin approached the home, kicked in the door in and entered, [Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department Captain Kip] Judice said. Inside, he found Thomas with the woman. Thomas then began stabbing Arceneaux, and a confrontation ensued.
"The cousin, who was armed, began firing several shots at Thomas," Judice said. "After a couple of shots, [Arceneaux] was able to get free of him and they escorted her out of the house."


Meanwhile, officers who heard the gun shots fired surrounded the home, Judice said. Upon entering, they found Thomas' lifeless body on the ground. He had sustained several gunshot wounds.
Thomas' cause of death is not known, Judice said.
Lead poisoning?  A terminal case of he needed killin'?  Holes that let the air in and the blood out?  I'm just guessing, of course.
No charges have been filed against the man who shot Thomas, and it is unlikely that the man will be charged, Judice said.
I'll bet they want to pin a damn medal on him.  That's a hero, right there.

And what's interesting is that this piece of vigilante justice is reported in approving tones by ABC News.  We're winning.  Armed self defense of other people has seeped into the mainstream.

I've created a new tag in honor of this post: Righteous killings.


Dave H said...

Remember the old Pabst ads? "Give that man a Blue Ribbon!"

Unknown said...

Can't remember what Kim du Toit called righteous killings.

Borepatch said...

Dave, today PBR is a bit too hipster for my tastes. ;-)

w2n, I think it was "dead goblin count" which JayG picked up until he turned it over recently.

Dave H said...

PBR, hipster? Really? The hipsters would be mortified to see who drank that when I was growing up.

The Dead Goblin Count is now hosted at Misfires and Light Strikes.

drjim said...

I used to drink PBR in college.

Many a fond Friday (burp!) night was spent with PBR.....

RabidAlien said...

Mr. Arceneaux, you have my respect! Hope you never have to buy another round in that town again! ::hoists nearby glass tea in his honor::