Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Remember when you Open Carry, the Press is not on your side

The Vulgar Curmudgeon muses on the OC event at the Moms Demand Action lunch:
Bad form in my book, you are not helping your cause and are instead seriously reinforcing a negative image.

That makes all gun enthusiasts look bad and we don't want that.


This is the kind of shit the media laps up and runs with, it makes their job easy.

Wise up people.
Word.  It doesn't matter that you're all meek as lambs.  It doesn't matter that you brought your daughters to the event.  It doesn't matter that you have logical arguments prepared.

The Media hate us, and they will go out of their way to find the camera angle that makes us look like the Das Reich division.  It's what they do, and it's best for everyone to keep this in mind.

And quite frankly, there's no getting around this.  Maybe if the group is comprised of nothing but armed women and girls with pink rifles.  But even that's no guarantee.

Until someone figures out how to get around this instinct of the MSM to set us up, you're just being photographic canon fodder for the antis. 


Bob said...

Comes the revolution, the MSM needs to be given the Julius Streicher treatment.

Robert Fowler said...

Amen Bob.
Use the Clinton rules of engagement from the Kosovo years. The press are legitimate targets.

A Reader said...

We had our first OC event in Abilene, Texas this weekend. We met in the parking lot of a friendly business, located on a main artery through town. It went well. We made the nightly news on one of the three local news stations, and seemed to get balanced coverage. I haven't watched it myself, but I haven't heard any complaints from other attendees. There weren't any cops there, unless they were out of uniform and participating.
We weren't meeting to protest another meeting, though, so maybe that was the difference.

Anonymous said...

you're just being photographic canon fodder for the antis

Pun intended? ;-)

Borepatch said...


ASM826 said...

If the press is going to lie and manipulate the photography they use to vilify you, then it only follows that it doesn't make any sense to care what the press does. Do what is right. Do what your conscience calls you to do. "Live your life in such a way that it does not matter what anyone says about you, even if they are lying."

Phil said...

WOW, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would see something I wrote linked to here.

Thank you very much Borepatch.

I have been taking a bit of a beating in my comment section over this but I truly believe that this is something that needs to be considered very carefully.

The media loves to use optics to skew a story to suit their needs and this was a perfect opportunity to do just that.