Monday, November 25, 2013

Is the Senator trolling us?

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) must be trolling us, because I can't believe that even a politician is this stupid:
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) warns sports stadiums are at risk from the "sea level rise effects of climate change," and that climate change specifically threatens hockey and skiing.

"We see significant sports facilities, the palaces of - of sport that are at risk from the storm, climate, sea-level rise effects of climate change," Sen. Whitehouse said today following a closed-door climate discussion with executives from the NFL, NHL and NBA.
[blink] [blink]

So tell us, Senator: will the loss of life be mitigated because the stadium parking lots will flood first, reducing the attendance as fans cannot find a place to park their Earth F***er pickup trucks?

Mark Twain once said Friend, assume for a moment that I am an idiot.  And assume also that I am a Congressman.  But I repeat myself.

And Hockey will be a victim of Climate Change®* because no kids will be able to find a pond to skate on.  Yes, he really said that**:
"Without cold enough weather for frozen ponds, the kind of hockey that you play out of doors with your friends gets a little bit harder to achieve."
But it's not Global Warming that melts the ice.  No, no - it's "Climate Change".   So hockey is doomed, because of Glob^H Climate Change. 

That's right, sister - we're talking about you.  Well, and the Good Senator.

The stupid - it burns.


* No, not "Global Warming".  There's been no warming for almost two decades, so they can't call it that.  But we're doomed, I say!  Doomed!  No more ice because of Global, err, change (or something).

** What, you don't believe me?  Click through the link - they have video.


Anonymous said...

What? You're saying that Mile High Stadium is going to go under water! That is a lot of global warming!

Dave H said...

I'm beginning to think "mile high" better describes the Senator's mental state than it does a stadium.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Texas + 70's/80's makes that 'do look tiny.

When he said skiing I figured water skiing. Wouldn't water skiing be more popular in warm temps? ;)

Old NFO said...

Sigh... And they get elected time and again...

R.K. Brumbelow said...

@Old NFO Of course, because 'my' congress critter is fine, it is 'that other' congress critter that is problem causing

lee n. field said...

And Guam will capsize under the load, you betcha.

Rick C said...

There's plenty who still haven't gotten the message about Global Warm^W^WClimate Change.

Regardless, it's hard to back off from Global Warmening because how else are you going to see the sea rise? Storms won't lower the land or raise the sea, and ice will lower the seas.

kx59 said...

No, No, No!
you are behind the curve! it's ocean acidification that's going to do us in now.
The sciencytists have high confidences that atmospheric CO2 is affecting the PH of the oceans which is causing the polar ice caps to increase in size thereby causing the sea level to rise like too much ice in a glass of water to the point where the ski resort mountains will be flooded ruining your ski vacation!
Wow. I could have turned that into a blog post.
Where's my LSD laced kool-aid anyway? ;)

GunRacer said...


Here I could have sworn that it was the ice caps melting that was supposed to do us all in. Either way, I suppose, we're all doomed. And of course it's the Republicans' fault regardless of what happens.

Windy Wilson said...

Back in the day when most people could be counted on to have some measure of common sense, and the purveyors of quack remedies had to travel from town to town just ahead of the most recent recipients of common sense, the term "snake oil was a general epithet denoting something that was claimed to cure everything, even though it was only one formula. I think we can confidently call Leftism the snake oil of the over-educated and over-indoctrinated. Whatever the ill, it was going to kill the planet and everything on it unless we all submitted to comprehensive government regulation, directed on high, controlling everything from the temperature of our homes in winter and summer, to what clothes we wore, what we ate, even where we lived and how we got to work. Unless they want to say that Climate Change cured Global Warming which cured the Ozone Hole which cured Acid Rain which cured the Global Winter which cured . . .