Friday, August 16, 2013

What's cool

Running errands on your motorcycle with a backpack you stole back from the kids.  Got saddlebags?  Doesn't matter: backpack FTW!

Getting done riding your motorcycle, taking your riding gear off, and finding out that you're not covered in sweat.  It's record low temperatures here in Hotlanta, meaning that the temperature is delightfully temperate.  It feels like early October, as a matter of fact.  I look forward to the riding that I shall do.

Meeting a gent in a local pub whose voice sounds just like Christopher Walken.  And who says that nobody had ever told him that.

Introducing that gent to Youtube's Christopher Walkenthrough series.  Win.

Turning off the air conditioner, opening the windows and turning on the attic fan at night.

Playing hookey from posting for an evening.


Eagle said...

You better watch out, or your enjoyment of being on the bike will overtake your interest in blogging!

Borepatch said...

Who, moi?