Monday, August 12, 2013


Having trouble working up the gumption to post.  There's even big security news (the Federales taking out much of the TOR anonymyzing network), but I'm just not feeling it.

Must be the Dog Days of August or something.


covertress said...

There was so much revealed at this year's Con that you could be busy blogging about it for years.

Since you're so fond of SCADA vulnerabilities, try this:

Best, c

The Big Guy said...

Need inspiration?

Get on your bike.
Meet us down in Key West this weekend.

My boy Pete just bought a 2000 Fat Boy and we're heading south to sit at bars overlooking Duval St, drink adult beverages, and ogle the pretty wimmin.
Hopefully he won't be offended by having to ride his American pile of Iron and Steel next to my Japanese sewing machine for 500 miles...

We're leaving Thursday -
Hopefully we'll be sobered up enough by Monday noon-time to get back on our bikes and ride home.

Borepatch said...

Covertress, I blogged about Shodan a couple times. It's sad to see just how much stuff is on the 'net that shouldn't be.

Big Guy, my bike is a little small to do 1000 highway miles. Sounds like fun, though.

The Big Guy said...

I know you inquired the other day-
My Augusta trip has been pushed back to Sept 9th.
Might head to ATL on 7/8th visit the family, and The Iberian Pig, etc.
Let me see what the Boss (the one at home and the at work) has up their collective sleeves.

1000 mi on a Rebel... Yeah- that's a little far.
It's a little far on an FJR too.
I need to get a gel seatcover before Thursday.