Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Every now and then it seems like we're caught in the 1950s

#2 Son brought back a bunch of "You need to sign these forms" from his first day of school.  This one (from his economics class) struck me as something I might have received, back in the day:
  • This is a classroom, not a locker room.  You are a student, not a sailor.  Use language that is appropriate for students in class.
  • Cheating (including plagiarism and copying the work of others on homework or tests) is both disrespectful and dishonest.  It is also disgraceful.  Your character is worth more than some random grade in Economics class.
Emphasis in the original.  There's more, but these jumped out at me.  Probably in my day these wouldn't have been written down, but they absolutely would have been told to us.

And yes, the teacher is male.  I like the cut of this fellow's jib.


drjim said...

Sounds he's trying to teach a bit more than just Economics.

More power to him!

Old NFO said...

NICE!!! A teacher who lays it out early!!!

patriarchal landmine said...

this is definitely a good example of why we need more male teachers.

Dirk said...

We need more teachers like this, male or female.

My daughter, during middle school, had an excellent band teacher. This teacher expected and demanded discipline, respect, obedience, and the best effort from everyone in the class. Lame excuses were not tolerated, laziness was completely out of the question, and fools were not suffered at all. This teacher was female, btw.

Dave H said...

Unfortunately not all male teachers are that good. I've encountered a few weasels in my day, and so has my son.

Borepatch said...

I'm actually looking forward to the Parent-Teacher conference. I'm keen to meet him.

Dirk said...

Something else I forgot to mention about my daughter's band teacher: Everyone loved her. She set high standards, and expected them to be met, and they were. Her students met her high expectations not out of fear, but out of the sense of respect she instilled in all of them.

Fortunately, her high school band director has worked closely with her middle school band teacher, and does things very much the same way.