Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Morning link dump

It looks like Heroditus Huxley may have found a summer camp for Wolfgang.  Sure would solve the problem of how far he'd have to run after the tennis ball ...

That's loud, Comrade!

I've posted several times about the amazing smart-o-matic that is the James Burke shows.  Connections II is no exception.  And also from Your Crazy Uncle Bubba, subtly restrained, stylish fashion.

It's not a link dump without Isegoria (you do read him every day, don't you?).  The public education system is failing boys, both figuratively and literally.  There's a simple solution to this.

If you're not angry, you're not paying attention.  Meh, I'm angry at the Democratic Party who used to stick up for the working guy.  Now with Obamacare everybody work 29 hours a week and immigration amnesty flooding the labor supply, the hypocrisy that makes RWCG angry with the Reason Magazine school of libertarians is precisely what I feel towards "Progressives".  Makes me rather cross on a lovely Sunday morning.

Good luck hacking this car.

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stevierayv said...

Thanks for those links I appreciate it.