Saturday, August 31, 2013

A year of Wolfgang

Precisely a year ago, I posted this:
Looks like Clan Borepatch is getting a new recruit.

Bringing a puppy into the house reminds you of just how much a puppy metabolism can eat:

#2 Son insists that Wolfgang is bigger than he was a week ago.  #1 Son insists that if you watch him very closely, you can actually see him grow.
But it's your responsibility to train them properly.  In as Intellectual a place as Camp Borepatch, that includes the classics, natch.  Alas, poor Yorick:
I eated him, Horatio.

Wolfgang and I attend Hamlet.
But it's all fun and games until someone's pond dies:
O Puppy! my Puppy! your muddy soaking paws;
Tell your tale -- you battled long and vanquished with your jaws;
For you cascades and gentle streams had no fascination;
Building feats with water flowing just by gravitation;
Here Puppy! dear Puppy!
This hole beneath my feet;
It is some dream that now the yard,
Is sudden uncomplete.
But I have a buddy to "help" me spread mulch on the rose garden:

And those pig's ears won't eat themselves.  Fortunately, I have someone to help me out with them.  Mmmmm, pig ear!


Old NFO said...

He's looking good! And you're right, puppies will eat you out of house, home and SHOES!!!

Aaron said...

Congrats, sounds like he's a fine addition and he's thriving in a good home.

Over here, Jett just found that he likes shoes, and the house may never be the same.

Anonymous said...

My pup has recently decided that doormats are the way to go. Much better than shoes.