Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Motorcycle Diaries*, No. 2

I was out at the local Kroger, and had my backpack with me since I'd ridden the bike and don't have saddlebags.  As it turned out, there was a nice Harley Sporster parked right next to where I usually dropped the kickstand.

I purchased my backpack full of food (yay! the kids can eat tonight!) and was suiting up (jacket, helmet, and gloves, thanks for asking) when the Harley's owner came out.  He'd been shopping, too.  We chatted about bikes for a bit.

Seems he got a great deal on his bike - $4000 on Craig's List, from a guy who bought it for his girlfriend, not thinking how a 5' 3" girl would handle a big bike like that.  He said it was a little big for him, too, but likely would fit me like a glove.  He said that the one downside was that it was a Harley, meaning saddle bags wouldn't cost him $50, they'd cost him $500.  Or more.

Still, it was nice to hear that if you shop around you can pick up deals.  Probably October would be a good time, as people are thinking about Christmas and how they won't be riding for months anyway.

But it's interesting what a small, friendly club the whole motorcycle circuit is.  It's no problem just striking up a conversation with another biker.

* Standard disclaimer: If you came here by searching for Che, you do know that he condemned teenagers to execution and then enjoyed watching, don't you?  If you don't, let your Google-fu lead you.  He was a sick, murdering bastard who killed children.  Yeah, and a bit dreamy, anti-establishment for ignorant Lefties.  You're not one of them, right?


Paladin said...

Yep. As with many things, timing is almost everything when it comes to buying (or selling) in the used motorcyle market. Accessories or bikes themselves.

Love that last bit. People can be really myopic when it comes to picking a hero.

gruvinbass said...

I'm betting it won't be more than a year before you're sitting on something the size of that Harley :D

Old NFO said...

LOL, upgrade fever ALREADY??? :-0

Borepatch said...

Old NFO, my planning/budgeting cycle is ~ 12 months.


Spike said...

You are an evil troll. You really enjoy breaking the hearts of those little liberal twits who worship Che, dont you?

Yea, so do I. Warms the cockles of my heart.

Daddy Hawk said...

My experience was that the motorcycle community as a whole was/is very similar to the gunnie community. Most folks are friendly and enjoy sharing their sport with others. There are fanboys and morons too. For every 10 friendly waves you get from other riders, you get the one rider/d-bag who is looking down his nose at your choice of brand and giving you the middle finger.

Borepatch said...

Spike, they see me trollin'. They h8tn'


Jon said...

My wife got her first bike pretty much the same way. A guy had bought a motorcycle for his girlfriend, but it turned out she liked riding on the back of his better, so we bought a bike that was a year old, with 102 miles on it, and let someone else eat the depreciation.