Monday, August 26, 2013


Someone in the office was watching a Corporate™ Training™ Video™ today, and someone remarked that the music reminded them of a 1970s porn vid.  Me, it reminded me of this, and suddenly I was back in college.

WARNING: this is the worst song EVER. Do not play unless you want to join me in mockery.

Ah, my sordid past.  I blame 2cents.  But I had better hair than KC did, Back In The Day (yes, kids, it's true*).  Err, and a similar wardrobe*.

* Get offa my lawn.


Dave H said...

The company I worked for back around 1990 or so "got religion" on some management technique whose name escapes me, but everybody in the company had to watch these training videos by a company called Buker. (This was before Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, 5S, and all the buzzwords my current company has fallen for.) Several of my compatriots noted the music in the Buker tapes was pretty much the same as that used in porn videos of the day. Some of the meeting dramatizations resembled the opening scenes of porn vids too.

I suspect that was just to keep us from falling asleep.

Anonymous said...

During my Period of Purgatory I always wondered why The Drones didn't cut to the chase and produce actual porn videos with whatever this month's Corporate Message was.

libertyman said...

How can anyone not like KC and the Sunshine Band? Synchronized backup players and singers, actual stage costumes, a "beat you can dance to", words that are understandable (albeit about only six or seven repeated over and over), a happy theme, and people actually having fun listening to the tune.

And congas, how can anyone sit still when there are congas being played on the stage?

You too, can be somebody's Boogie Man.

That was fun.