Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reason #458 why Obamacare is a bad idea

The Health Insurance Exchange web sites look like they won't be secure:

(Reuters) - The federal government is months behind in testing data security for the main pillar of Obamacare: allowing Americans to buy health insurance on state exchanges due to open by October 1

The missed deadlines have pushed the government's decision on whether information technology security is up to snuff to exactly one day before that crucial date, the Department of Health and Human Services' inspector general said in a report.

As a result, experts say, the exchanges might open with security flaws or, possibly but less likely, be delayed.
Look at that last sentence: schedule is more important than security.  Remember, all your personal information including Social Security Number, address, full legal name, telephone number, and income all go into the Exchange web site.

And as we see, schedule is more important than security.  Ooooooh kaaaaaaay.

At this point all Progressives that ever uttered the words "government is what we all choose to do together" can just STFU and sit down in the back of the room.  Grownups are talking.  And quite frankly, have been talking, and about this, for over a year:
According to an April [2012] RAND Corporation report, the feds might lose up to $98 billion annually to Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse, significant amounts of that related to the theft of personal information from government databases. And the political pressure to complete the hub before the exchanges begin enrolling applicants next fall will only add to the temptation to cut corners and declare success with a shoddy product not ready for prime time.

The data security aspect of ObamaCare's health insurance exchanges has received little scrutiny and less thought.
Security wasn't an afterthought: it wasn't thought of at all.  What a train wreck.  $100B/year has got to be a record for crummy computer security.  Figures it would be the Fed.Gov setting that benchmark.


Old NFO said...

Yep, and it's about to hit us... sigh...

William Martin said...

Actually the condition's to qualify for Obama care policy is very difficult that's why many are already choosing other insurance policies to cover themselves.

William Martin

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