Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why the Red Sox front office should be fired

Fenway Park is nothing if not quirky.  The "Green Monster" wall in left field is simply unique, and has been a visiting pitcher's bane for as long as I can remember.  In short, there's a considerable home field advantage provided by the park (not to mention their rabidly loyal fans).

This has shaped the team, as front office management led to decades of player acquisition building rosters filled with players who excelled in Fenway.  Fred Lynn is perhaps the best example of a play who seemed to be a lock on the Hall of Fame until he left, after which he was merely adequate.

So how is the current front office doing for the Red Sox?  The numbers tell the tale:

Away: 18 wins, 14 losses (.562 record)
Home: 14 wins, 19 losses (.424 record)

If the team had a home field winning percentage that equalled the road winning percentage, they would be in third place (2 games back) rather than in the cellar.  If their home winning percentage were .100 higher than their road record - as you would expect from their clear home field advantage - they'd be in first place by half a game.

Never mind that fans were already unhappy from the way that Terry Francona was booted under the bus, this is nothing short of incompetence.


Old NFO said...

LOL, I'm sorry, but it's NOT about what is good for the fans, it's what's good for the bottom line... Players are a commodity, and the front offices don't care... Haven't watched a game since 94, and could care less what happens to baseball...

Lissa said...

Whatever, BabyKitty already has his first Red Sox onesie ;-)

Six said...

Have I ever mentioned that I played high school baseball with Bruce Hearst? Not to mention church basketball. I even bought my 69 Chevelle SS from him.

Yeah. Be jealous.

(Really nice guy BTW)

Borepatch said...

Six, I must confess to a twinge of envy.