Sunday, June 17, 2012

Richard Wagner - Die Walküre (Feuerzauber)

Fathers want the best for their children, especially for their daughters.  They want their little Princess to land a strong, brave, capable, and heroic man. But most fathers don't have her sleep on a rock surrounded by fire until awakened by her hero.

Most daughters don't have Wotan for a dad.  Then again, most women aren't Valkyries, either*.  Protip to mortal Dads: leaving your baby girl on a mountain top surrounded by magic fire (Feuerzauber) is not considered modern Best Practice parenting.  Just sayin'. 

Perhaps it's best that we don't live our lives in an Opera: most of us have enough drama in our lives as it is. But perhaps not enough great music. I hope today you can enjoy Father's Day with your dad, or with your children, with spectacular music.

* My lady readers who like to shoot are hereby granted honorary membership in that sorority, at least for today.

1 comment:

Sabra said...

With the oldest daughter of four hurtling rapidly toward puberty, a mountain ringed by magic fire sounds mighty fine right now.

Happy Father's Day. Not that you need outside validation, but you're obviously a good one. ;-)