Sunday, June 17, 2012

Her Dad must be so proud

Stefanie Woods has the nickname of "Cookie Monster".  She came by it honestly - or perhaps I should say dishonestly - by stealing $168 from a 9 year old Girl Scout selling cookies.

When I first saw this (via Rumbear), I thought that this was a Youtube prank, making up such an outrageous video - the lack of remorse shown here is jaw dropping - that it was trolling for hits.  But nope, it's for real.  Not only is it for real, but Miss Woods went on to bigger and better things, namely felony kidnapping and armed robbery:

That was two years ago.  Not content to be a felon, Miss Woods is now back behind bars for parole violations:
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - As punishment for violating her probation earlier this year, the 22-year-old "Cookie Monster" will spend 15 days in jail and will have to participate in more community service.

Stefanie Woods, who now lives in Parkland with her parents, was charged by Broward County Sheriff's deputies on April 5 with violating probation for a 2009 armed robbery and kidnapping.


Woods gained notoriety in 2008 when she and a friend stole $168 from a Girl Scout who was selling cookies at a Boynton Beach Winn-Dixie.

Less than three weeks after the cookie caper, Woods and the friend were arrested after dining at a Denny's in western Lantana and then walking out on their $25.84 bill.

In 2009, Woods, her then-boyfriend and another man robbed a man of prescription drugs while armed with a gun in Palm Beach Gardens, and she pleaded guilty to kidnapping and firearm charges.
I figure that her Dad is now into legal fees to approximately the same amount that he would have spent on her College tuition.  Probably the silver lining to that cloud is that he won't have to save up for her wedding - it's hard to imagine anyone signing up "until death do you part" for that.

Quite frankly, my heart goes out to her Father today.  I have no idea what home life was there, but nobody deserves this.  While we can hope for a miracle of Grace, I expect that the Court rapidly will lose sympathy for Miss Woods, and shift from "send her a message so she'll straighten her young life out" to "strike three".

Good Lord.


Anonymous said...

I bet she was abused as a kid....when you have such outrageous behavior as this; abuse is usually at the core.


RabidAlien said...

15 days in jail? Somehow, with her past history of not really caring what the law says, I don't think a whoppin 15 days is going to make much of an impact on her. Community service? The community would be better served if she remained behind bars. Or, better yet...was shipped off to that guy in Arizona, with the prison out in canvas tents in the middle of the desert. Love that guy's approach!

SiGraybeard said...

I saw the original story a few weeks ago. Like you say, they were so brazen it almost looked like a put-on. Zero remorse. More emotion that they had charges filed against them than that they did anything wrong.

We talk about people who feel they have a right to what we have, whether they call it "social justice" or they're the "99%" and are entitled to get even. This is a lesson in what they might look like.

Old NFO said...

She's gonna end up dead... She'll push it again and again till she steps 'over' the line...

ZerCool said...

NFO is correct, I hope. (As callous as that sounds.)

This isn't necessarily an abuse issue, or a parenting issue, or any other outside influence... It's quite possible this is a young human (she sure isn't a lady) who is Just Wired Wrong.

Sure, we can point the finger at the parents, at the judge... in the mirror.

"They should have raised her better!" - it takes a village, truly. Why didn't someone notice these behaviors early? I guarantee her first brush with criminal behavior wasn't stealing $170 from a cookie table.

"The judge should have put a harsher sentence on her!" - who elects the judges? Who complains about the costs of incarceration? Who tells us, "It was abuse/neglect/no father/bad role models/etc"?

I just hope she Darwins out without affecting too many more people - or taking anyone innocent with her.

Rabbit said...

This sort of thing makes me yearn for discretionary sentencing such as the stocks and caning.

Old NFO is likely right on track, though. She'll find her own 'zero recidivism' program if she keeps this up, and I don't find any hope she's reformed herself.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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