Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Epic asskicking ...

... is epic.  It's impossible to excerpt, but you'll thank me for pointing it out once you've read it.  To save everyone time, let me just say "You're welcome" right now.

Via Ken at Popehat, who adds this delicious bit of ass kickery directed towards the lawyer involved:
Charles Carreon likes and supports one type of bullying — the type that makes money for him, the type he is licensed by the State Bar to use — but hates and condemns another kind, the kind that doesn't make him money, the kind that any sort of rube who never went to law school can employ.


Our system privileges Charles Carreon to issue that threat, rather than jailing or flogging him for it. And so Carreon supports bullying like that. He's got a license to do it. He knows that his licensed threats — coming, as they do, on the [slightly odd] letterhead of a lawyer — inspire far more fear and stress than the complaints of a mere citizen, and by God he plays it to the hilt.

By contrast, Charles Carreon doesn't like shows of force that you or I can muster.
There's even more, and it's even better.  The Internet has shattered all sorts of business models, and the folks who used to be on top find to their astonishment that their status is not what they assumed it used to be.  The Dinosaurs sniff a change on the breeze, and roar their defiance.

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Broken Andy said...

Seriously, why can't that profession police its own? They want us to think of them as honored, but then they allow these rats into their club.