Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good luck understanding the rules of Cricket

Man, I stink at Cricket.

The problem was that I thought I knew how to hit and how to field.  Growing up as a boy in America, of course you learn how to hit (even bunt).  You also learn how to field.  When we lived in Blighty, the Lads in the office invited me out for a pick-up game.  Hilarity ensued.

You swing up and down (like in the video here), not horizontally.  Actually, you don't really need to "swing" at all - just sticking the bat in front of the ball might sent it in a squirrely direction.  Fielding felt like I was ten years old and everyone made me play right field.  No glove, so you're not quite sure you know how to catch, and you only have a vague idea of where to throw once you do.

But the beer was good when we were done.


wolfwalker said...

Cricket has rules?

Home on the Range said...

Cricket rules are very similar to Calvinball.

WoFat said...

Cricket is baseball for people who drink, a lot.

Borepatch said...

Brigid, any sport with a position called Silly Mid Off is honorary Calvinball.

And Wofat, you're drinking tea or Pimm's Cup. ;-)

bluesun said...

You are reminding me of this video.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of cricket is that win or lose at the end you all go off to the cricket club bar.
It's a boring sport to watch but fun to play especially if you can bowl overarm so slow it can disorientate the batsman that he gets bowled out.