Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Blogbrother PISSED does it (hey, I have to get my traffic up somehow, right?), so here you go.  From the 20 Hottest Conservative New Media Women, these two stood out:

Jenny Erikson:

Kristina Ribali, the Blonde Momshell (I love that name):

Awesome.  Oh yeah, they have Gov. Palin, too.  Go on over, it's entirely safe for work (ah well, there goes my traffic ...).

Looking at this and thinking on what these smart, fearless women do, I recalled a post from the early days of this blog, Princesses, Cowgirls, and Sarah Palin.  In it, I quote something from Virginia Postrel, which I think sums up a lot of these Conservative women:
I expected the [Cowgirl Hall of Fame] museum to be stupid. It wasn't. In stark contrast to the ridiculous Women's Museum in Dallas, which (the one time I visited it) featured a strange combination of populist kitsch and social-constructionist feminist dogma, the Cowgirl Museum showcased women of no-nonsense character, pioneer (and pioneering) achievement, physical daring, and unapologetic femininity.
These women are breaking new ground in the New Media.  They entirely lack the ridiculous Feminist kitsch of so many traditional, Leftie women talking heads.  The women here look comfortable with guns and all that implies - they are pleasant to look at but dangerous to touch.

No-nonsense character, pioneer (and pioneering) achievement, physical daring, and unapologetic femininity.

And so there you have it.  There's something attractive for you.  But I always dug smart chicks.  Smart chicks in high heeled boots, with machine guns.

Postscript: If you search the Borepatch archives for "Hot young housewives" you will find this (entirely safe for work) bit of mockery.  Sadly, you can imagine the Google search strings that brought disappointed visitors to this blog.  Heh.


Jay G said...


Sorry, someone had to say it...

SiGraybeard said...

While you just gotta love the name "Blonde Momshell", the blog hasn't been updated in 15 months. Does that really qualify her as "new media"?

Borepatch said...

Well, I go and get my PISSED on, and all I get is complaints about a 4 Rules violation and lack of posting?

Gentlemen, you cut me to the quick!