Friday, June 15, 2012

The Republican War on Science

It's been said  a lot - both in the print media and on the Internet - that the Republican party is only interested in science when it supports their favored policy positions.  It's been pointed out repeatedly all the ways that they have slashed funding for legitimate scientific research in fields (and by researchers) they consider to be Double Plus Ungood.

Well, today's rant about the Oregon State University scientist fired for being skeptical of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is a reminder to all of us that as government money flows into scientific research, that money will be used to political ends.  By both sides.

And so for all the Progressives who think that they're the guys who always stick up for Science, that they're the guys in the White Lab Coats, that they're the guys who would never let their preferred policy ends result in them having to stand up and defend what's idiotic to even try to defend - here's a heaping of mockery*.

* Yup, the post title is trolling for Google hits.  I'm told that revenge is a dish best served cold; in this case, mockery is a dish best served hot hot hot.  But folks who fancy themselves to be Progressives should click through and read how a scientist was fired for being a skeptic.  Not even given severance, and with a small child with a serious disease and now no health insurance.  This was your tribe that did it.  Then go read the last page of Darkness At Noon ...


deadcenter said...

Just out of curiosity, in the past 10 years what has this lecturer published in the peer reviewed journals in either climate science or his field of chemistry?

Publish or perish isn't just a motto.

Broken Andy said...

"If the Republicans can't do science, then the Democrats can't do math."

Wish I had made that up, but I didn't. Read it somewhere on the Intertubes.