Sunday, June 24, 2012

Georg PhilippTelemann - Trumpet Concerto in D

I played trumpet from fourth grade through High School, and a little into College.  I think this is one reason that I like Baroque music so much - there's a ton of great trumpet music found there.  The community of composers was surprisingly small then, and most knew each other (sort of like the Scientific committees of correspondence knew each other in that community).  Tellemann was close friends with Johann Sebastian Bach, and was in fact C. P. E. Bach's godfather.

Sadly, his personal life was quite unhappy.  His first wife died soon after the wedding, his second wife left him, and his oldest son died, leaving him to raise his grandson.  Despite this, he was perhaps the most prolific Baroque composer, writing more than 3,000 works.  Well respected in his day, on his death his post as musical director for all of Hamburg's churches was assumed by his godson, C. P. E. Bach.  It was a small community, after all.

There's a purity of sound in these trumpet pieces, one that my skill, alas, was never quite up to playing.  This is from the Kentucky Baroque Trumpets, who have a DVD with more.

And because it's a glorious Sunday morning, here's a bunch more great Baroque trumpet music.

The Purcell was the recessional music at our wedding (brass quartet, thanks for asking).  It was spectacular.  And I expect a few of you will recognize the Mouret.


Old NFO said...

Nice way to start the day! Thanks!!!

North said...

If it's Baroque, don't fix it.

(I still have my trumpet...)