Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to get a new gun owner

So you did your job as a gunnie, de-mystifying guns to a friend. You took them shooting, making sure they had fun and wanted to go back. You took them to a gun show, and helped them pick out a practical first gun. Well done, you!

I bet you thought you were done. As if. You know about gun safety in the home. Do they?

They do if you get them this. Doctors Timothy Wheeler and John Wipfler from Doctors For Responsible Gun Ownership have put together Keeping Your Family Safe: The Responsibilities of Firearms Ownership, a short, readable, and entirely sensible book cover ing the basics. Firearm safety, children and firearms, storage, training, ethics and laws, self defense tactics, first aid for gunshot wounds - all is covered in a calm, informative manner.

Best of all, it's a small book.  It won't intimidate the new gun owner.  It's all sensible and to-the-point, so they'll actually read it.

I'd think that this might be a good read for someone not sure if they should let their kids play with yours, "because they have guns".  I mean, it was written by doctors.

As to gunnie cred, there's a jacket blurb my Massad Ayoob.  As if you need more than the Borepatch Seal of Approval.

Thanks to the kind marketing people at Merrill Press, who sent me a review copy (like 18 months ago; mea culpa).  It's well worth the read.  As we try to "re-normalize" firearms ownership, this is something to keep in your toolkit.


Lissa said...

Borepatch, our guns are either locked in safes or on our persons. Do you think it's still a good purchase for us?

Borepatch said...

Lissa, I'm not sure that you'd learn a lot from this book. You probably would have two years ago.

ASM826 said...

There are a lot of people that will, though. Good find.

Lissa said...

I'll keep it in mind for the next n00b I come across, then :)