Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's make breakfast

2 - Hungry Toddlers
2 - Sleepy Parents
1 - Box of Nestle's Quick on a lower Kitchen shelf
Various - Toy trucks and cars (to taste)

Important: When one of the Sleepy Parents gets suspicious because it's quiet - too quiet, they should not shriek in horror.  Rather, they should grab their camera and savor the moment forever.

Borepatch and Older Brother making breakfast, December 1959.  One of the nice things about visiting Mom and Dad is seeing old pictures.  This one somehow always got shown to my girlfriends.  (Note: I like all y'all, but not like that.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.)


GuardDuck said...

Oh how I wish my dad would have just stuck to the pictures when embarrassing me in front of new girlfriends. Nooooo, dad is quite the storyteller and weaves compelling and unfortunately true tales that luckily were not preserved in Kodachrome.

NotClauswitz said...

And knives hanging from the wall like the sword of Damocles? :-)

word: dooty - indeed look a those diapers!

North said...

Hello Borepatch.

I played with that image for a little bit just to see if it could be made to look like a black and white. I posted it temporarily here:

I'll remove it in a little bit. Grab it if you want it. The picture is yours - I only changed it to experiment.

Stretch said...

Mom framed a picture of me playing in the toilet. Hung it in the hallway. My sister showed it to EVERY date I brought home.

Blue said...

Nice, very nice!