Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gun Control blog Girly Men

Over at Joe's, Linoge brings the metrics to show how the anti-gun folks swing and miss:
Quantcast does not bother tracking the three largest independent anti-rights weblogs I am aware of (Mike Bonomo, Joan Peterson, and Baldr), but Alexa claims their ranks are 1,571,408, 5,129,127 and 18,648,661, respectively, while yours weighs in at 845,329 (lower numbers are better). Actual traffic numbers were not available, but it is easy to see that you outmass both of them in the SEO field.
Let's recap: out of all the web sites registered with Alexa (basically, any that are serious), the top anti-gun blogs fit here in the hierarchy:

Mike Bonomo - 1,571,407 web sites beat him out

Japete - 5,129,127 web sites beat her out

Baldr - 18,648,661 web sites beat him out

Now, compare and contrast.  No, not with Joe - he's one of the Big Boys, and you'd just be kicking the puppies.  Compare with a nowheresville blog, one that nobody's really ever heard of, and quite frankly hasn't been around for very long.  Me:

Note that while the text talks about "Blogspot", the metrics are for me.  You can test this yourself, because JayG's are different (and better, duh) than mine.

All I can say is that this is a deep, deep pit of FAIL for the anti-gun folks, and for the Brady crowd and Ceasefire in particular, as they're the folks behind Japete and Baldr, respectively.  And it appears that a nobody like me is kicking Internet sand into their faces.  Welcome to the grassroots!  This is how you pump them up:

And note that this isn't bragging.  I mean, after all, 1.3 Million web sites kick Internet sand in my face*.  Fair.  But I don't have the backing of the Brady Bunch or Ceasefire, or anyone like that.  There aren't any paid marketroids sending Borepatch links to CNN and the Washington Post.

But it ain't bragging if you can do it.  And if you think I was harsh here, you need to go read what Weer'd had to sayOuch.  Welcome to the Blogosphere, Baldr!

Now if I could just get paid like they do for this ...

* Being #1,313,609, I try harder.


ViolentIndifference said...

Alexa Traffic Rank: 957,226

I must be getting pity sex from Alexa. I'm glad she puts out!

Borepatch said...

VI, I think that's because you promised over at Weer'd place to dance nekkid. Sadly (for my traffic), I don't run that kind of joint.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm in the 2,700,000 range.

ViolentIndifference said...

Borepatch: My "Has No Shame" rating is 12.

Paul Wornham said...

Alexa may be busted - I don't believe the rank she gives my corner of the intertubes. But thanks for making me look it up and getting palpitations, if only for a few minutes.

Fred said...

Well I beat two out of the three... Guess I need to work on getting out of the 3million crowd though.

NotClauswitz said...

I have a 2,663,000 Alexa Traffic Rank?
Are high numbers good, or bad like golf?

SiGraybeard said...

Amazing. I didn't even bother looking at my own ranks until reading this. My dinky little blog, not quite one year old, ranked 12,410,000 or better than Baldr. And it looks like he's had a big boost from being linked from you, Borepatch!

bruce said...

I got the Avis ad bit, got to be of similar times.


Linoge said...

And guess who is now at the top of the Google Search rankings for "Baldr Odinson"... :)

But, remember, we are just part of the astroturfing problem that is destroying American politics. 'Cause we are for guns. And that makes us astroturf.

... Or something.

Baldr Odinson said...

I don't get paid for this, and Ceasefire Oregon is 100% volunteer. I don't really care about rankings. And the words in my blog, at New Trajectory, are mine.

Thanks for reading.