Saturday, February 5, 2011

On getting what you wished for

Seems everyone's posting on how the Obama Administration sold out the UK's secrets to Russia.  The only thing I can think to add to the commentary is this, from 2008:

Senator Barack Obama emerged as Europe's favourite candidate for America’s presidency today when a poll conducted for gave him 52 per cent support across five of the world’s richest nations, including Britain.

John McCain, the presumed Republican nominee, received only 15 per cent of the vote in unprecedented survey covering Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia.

The poll also found a striking level of anti-American feeling in every country. A clear majority of Russians - 56 per cent - believe the US is a "force for evil" in the world. In Britain, only 33 per cent see America as a "force for good".


Mr Obama appears to have made less of an impact in Britain than elsewhere in Europe. A relatively modest 49 per cent of Britons would vote for him, while 14 per cent would back Mr McCain - twice the totals favouring the Republican candidate in Germany or France.
Two things: he's your guy, hope you're happy with the outcome.  Also, it looks like you kind of nailed that "force for good" thing, at least concerning Obama.


bluesun said...

Does anyone have a checklist for the number of people/groups that have been thrown under the bus by our wonderful Prez?

Alan said...

A shorter list would be the ones that haven't been thrown under the bus.

Are there any?

joetote said...

If this is proven top be true, the U.S. is done as a perceived world leader! If this President has in fact done what is charged in the leaked cables, he must be impeached immediately! As Pat asked above. Were the people in the Senate notified as required of this action? If so, why did the Senate vote to allow this to happen? Or is it possible this is another "we didn't read the entire thing" moment? If in fact the leaders of the Senate did in fact have knowledge of this action then they to should be brought up on charges!

Again, this is alleged but something I feel is in line with the actions of this Marxist we now have in the White House. Very scary!