Thursday, February 10, 2011

Behind the role

Life gives us roles that we must play, particularly to our children.  It comes as a revelation to many that their parents were more than just the role.  This can lead to the revelation that they are today more than just the role.

Mom and Dad, drinking beer in 1949.  Underage Mom and Dad drinking beer in 1949.  Dad writes:
We have a photo of us ... drinking beer in the Dark Horse Tavern, our favorite Estes Park hangout.  We were only 19 in a state with an age-21 drinking law.  I was "legal" thanks to a forged Naval Reserve identification card calling me 21.
Behind the role, is the man.  It's worth knowing the man.

UPDATE 10 February 2011 13:54:  Mom tells me in no uncertain terms that it's worth knowing the woman, too. Sure is.


ViolentIndifference said...

Amen, Borepatch.

And to parents: Know the man/women behind your children.

doubletrouble said...

You look like the old/young man!

John Venlet said...

Borepatch, you should get that photo made into an 8X10, get the little description typed up in a stylish font, and frame them together in some type of presentation frame and hang it proudly in your home.

Heck, I think it's so cool I'd almost want to buy one myself.