Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy Cow

Caption: SUDBURY [MA] — On Dutton Road, Hal Streeter clears snow so that his letter carrier can reach the mailbox.

Mother Nature isn't making me regret my decision to move south.  It's only going to be 42 today, but it was sunny and 70 over teh weekend.

And I joined a range.  I don't miss the crazy gun laws or the hour and 15 minute commute to the old range, either.

UPDATE 2 February 2011 14:13: Not trying to be a jerk, and you can expect to hear me whining about the summer heat presently, but this is the view from my garden.  Seems the "sunny and 70s" weather here over the weekend did what you'd expect.

Can I just say again that I have precisely zero regrets about moving south from the People's Republic of Massachusetts (other than leaving the New England Gunbloggers behind)?


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Wait til July. Before coming to a conclusion about the weather.

Hat Trick said...

That's nuthin'. We had blizzards in the '70's that required a neighbor's D10 Cat to open the road in certain spots. The plows would bury themselves when they tried to get through it.

Anonymous said...

Good gravy. We have cold, but nothing resembling snow like that.


Lissa said...

Ditto ditto ditto! I've already made a mental note to call my mom a lot over the summer and whine about melting. Just so she doesn't feel bad that she's getting seven inches of snow and I'm getting seventy degree weather.

Anonymous said...

And when it is 100 degrees and humid as hell then what will you say?


Tam said...

You don't have to shovel heat.